Security Related Products & Services:

Cisco ASA series firewall devices provide world-class protection from internet based threats. We are a partner and can assist with the consultation, sales, installation and management for your entity. We offer the full line of Cisco products as well.

Watchguard Firewalls and Unified Threat Management appliances offer more than just firewall features. From content management to spam filtering at the gateway, there is a Watchguard product for just about any application. Homeland Secure IT, LLC is proud to be a partner and can offer you sales, service and consultation.

SonicWall UTMs are another great option for protecting your business. We provide the full line of SonicWall products and our partnership with the company allows us to offer the best prices and support available!

Trend Micro anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-malware, and anti-spam products are the best in the industry in our opinion and many others by the looks of all the awards Trend Micro receives. Whether you need to protect a single desktop computer or a whole fleet of notebooks in the field, or even 1000 computers at your company, Trend Micro has the right application for you and we can help you decide what will work best for you. Our partnership with Trend Micro enables us to save you money while being protected by best in the business security.

Backup and Data Recovery Solutions such as on-site, physical media backups of your data as well as remote, off-site backup solutions to ensure your critical files are safe from loss due to fire, flood, theft or server failure. We partner with Servosity for secure remote backup.

Video Surveillance Cameras allow you to keep a watchful eye on your physical assets from anywhere in the world. Digital Video Recording systems will permit you to view past events for inventory or access control purposes. We can provide you with the right solution for your situation when you need standard CCTV or network / IP security cameras, video (DVR) or network (NVR) video recorders.

Data Destruction Services we have several options available to help you dispose of hard drives and media that may contain sensitive information for compliance purposes.