The quota limit for your email is nearly full

Bogus Microsoft 365 quota full email
Bogus Microsoft 365 quota full email

The quota limit for your email box is NOT nearly full

Have you received an email that stated “The quota limit for is nearly full.”?

Guess what? It’s probably NOT a legitimate email notification. Let’s examine it…

The from address could be something like the example below:
“M/S/Yourdomain <>

There’s several things wrong here. That’s not your Microsoft 365 tenant, is it?

But what about that email address? That’s not a Microsoft domain. Not even close!

Then there’s the link. Hover your mouse over it and look at the URL. Notice that it has nothing to do with Microsoft at all? DO NOT CLICK IT.

If you get these types of emails, you can safely ignore them.

If you are being inundated with them, there are options available to your business that can help.

Reach out to me via our CONTACT FORM if you would like more information.

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