Computer Repair Service in Greenville SC

We get several calls a week wanting computer repair service in Greenville or the Upstate and have to tell them we cannot help them.

Why? Because after years of operation, Homeland Secure IT determined it was necessary to focus on our business clients in order to provide them with the highest level or service and the fastest possible response times.

We miss working with our home users, and we understand that great local computer businesses like CDO / Computer Direct Outlet are no longer providing sales and repairs for these end users. We refer home users to a couple providers when we can.

There’s one exception to our “no home computer” rule – we do provide some limited services to the owners of the businesses and non-profits that we serve. It makes sense because their home computers are an extension of their business office.

If you are in need of computer or server sales, service or consultation, we would love to talk with you! Also, if you need assistance with your home computer and happen to own a business that we could offer our services to, then we should talk about that too!

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