Microsoft Password Expiration Notice is BOGUS

Expired Password Phishing Attempt

Let’s go over this one more time…. You *NEED* to stop clicking on links in your email.

Yes, they look enticing, and some sure look official, but, many are designed causing you to click on a link then prompt you for your login credentials or other information, which is then used to gain access to your accounts.

Case in point:

This email claims to be from Microsoft, explaining that your password is due to expire on the day you received it.

If you hover your mouse over the “KEEP PASSWORD” link, you will be presented with the URL it would take you to if you clicked it. That is *NOT* a Microsoft site. DO NOT CLICK IT.

If you have questions about these emails, reach out to your IT service tech or a reputable computer service provider.

If you do not have one and you are in the Upstate South Carolina area, then feel free to reach out to us at Homeland Secure IT by using our CONTACT PAGE. We provide computer and network service, sales and consultation to small and medium sized businesses in Greenville, Spartanburg, Anderson, Simpsonville and surrounding areas.

Be safe out there!

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