Video Surveillance Systems to protect your physical assets, locally, remotely or retroactively using Digital Video Recorders. We have a camera system for every need. View your cameras on your mobile device from anywhere in the world.
A few of our brands: Cisco, Linksys, AXIS, Panasonic, and Sony to name a few.

Time & Attendance Systems¬†have changed from the punch clock to more advanced networkable systems that use fingerprint (biometric), proximity / card swipe systems and even PC login systems which eliminate “buddy punching”. Our AcroPrint products are perfect for any situation and the data is importable to Intuit Quicken & QuickBooks as well as many other payroll systems.

Access Control Systems permit you to lock it up and throw away the key! You can use proximity, card swipe and keypads to gain entry and assign temporary entry to your facility. We have teamed with AAA Door Solutions to provide licensed and bonded installation of the door lock hardware and electronic releases.

Voice Over IP has replaced the old fashioned key and PBX systems. We can provide you with an affordable solution for your company using the latest technology that will save you in hardware costs and phone bills. We offer many brands such as Cisco, Yealink, SNOM, Digium, and Polycom as well as support Asterisk based IP PBX systems. We also offer SIP trunking and hosted VoIP!

Mobile Computing will allow your staff to get their work done on the road, at home or anytime they are away from the office. Ask how our solutions can help turn a snow day into a go day! VPNs, In-The-Cloud based solutions.

Homeland Secure IT, LLC stays on the cutting edge of technology! We will help determine if a new product or service is right for your business by doing all the research for you!