Remote Temperature Monitoring for your Server Room or Wiring Closet

Server Room Fire

Let's hope your server room never gets THIS hot!

We are helping a client move their entire network (servers, computers, switches, firewalls) to a new facility. Unfortunately, the new digs do not allow for an optimum placement of their servers. They are to be relegated to an upstairs location in the building, and an air conditioner system is being installed to provide the cooling required to keep everything from melting down.

The worst part is that this far removed server room will contain 4 servers, a computer used for remote access, switches, backup solutions, VoIP system, UPS and various other components, and nobody will be close by to hear if alarms are going off for the RAID, UPS or overheat conditions.

What to do? We will use software to monitor the device temperatures, and we are suggesting a remote temperature sensor for the entire room which will maintain a chart of temperature trends, and allow us to set email alerts in the event the room itself exceeds a determined threshold.

These devices are inexpensive insurance against a meltdown that could cost thousands of dollars to recover from, not to mention downtime for the business affected. We will also be recommending an IP camera in that room that will allow remote visual monitoring, including alarms should something move in the room itself (there will be a log of who entered the room this way). And should the server and room temperatures rise beyond the threshold and alert someone via email, they can then view the camera with a browser or smartphone (Android, iPhone or Blackberry) and see if the room is in flames.

Should you be interested in one of these devices for your Greenville / Upstate server room, or wiring closet, please contact us at 864.990.4748 or info@homelandsecureit.com to discuss options that are available for you.

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  1. After examining many products from different manufacturers, I am pleased to announce that Homeland Secure IT is now an AVTECH dealer!

    AVTECH offers a line of remote monitoring tools at very reasonable prices. You can monitor temp of a rack, a room, a server, measure humidity, air flow, power outages, intrusion detection and so much more!

    Please contact us with your needs and we will match you with the perfect AVTECH product.

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