ChatRoulette.Com is the Devil’s Tool

If you believe all the hype, www.ChatRoulette.comwill consume your soul. It is the one-stop-shopping of online predators, perverts and miscreants…

Fox News had a great “everybody panic” type story entitled “Predetor’s Paradise” just yesterday that outlined the video chat service and how evil it is. was the first nightmare of every parent, then and now it is ChatRoulette. Parents everywhere are screaming that the site is so bad that it should be closed down.  Let me remind people that there are no bad sites, only bad parents who let their children play on those sites without being monitored. Children are only vulnerable if their parents allow that to happen.

If you are one of these parents who feel that others should be policing the internet, then maybe you should just unplug your computers.  Or, optionally, there are some wonderful products out there that will allow you to filter the bad sites. We sell several products that can handle that for you, at a price. But monitoring your children yourself is still free, and pretty foolproof. I highly recommend it.

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