Resizing Operating System Partitions Because Dell Shipped a Server With Only 12GB For The OS

I’m just ranting here, but why oh why would Dell sell servers to people with only 12GB for the OS? Sure, if it is deployed with ONLY the OS on that partition, and programs are placed elsewhere, you have a very usable system for many years… But, when the server is sold with 12GB for the OS, and a pre-installed OS is on it, say Server 2003 R2, after all the MS updates and patches, it’s taking up 6-7GB all by itself, and you KNOW that someone installed A/V on that partition which is taking up a couple GB, of course logs are on it too… And BEWS, etc…   You’re talking about a 3 year old server that now has no room on it and requires changing the partition sizes around….

I’m sorry, 12GB is just not large enough… Why not 20? 20 might have been okay.  Okay, I’m done…   No more whining… (today)

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