Finally, Microsoft IE6 is scheduled for euthanasia!

Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 IE 6

Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 finally going to die!

Internet Explorer 6 has served us well. So well that people are still using it instead of the updated versions or the alternative browsers that are available. Estimates are that IE6 has a share of the browser market of around 20-25%, but a review of our own web logs which keep tabs on which browsers are used to view our site indicate that of the Explorer users only 6.69% viewing our site are using IE6. ( 18.4% are using IE 7 and 74.91 are using IE 8 )

That said, IE6 is also full of holes that cannot be easily fixed, nor is it worth it to MS to try to maintain IE6 when IE8 addresses these issues. So upgrade your browser…  Upgrade to IE8, or try an alternative browser like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc…  Just dump IE6! Need more incentive? Many websites have planned for the demise of IE6. They will no longer offer support for it soon. And Microsoft has pledged to kill off IE6 themselves just this week.

Here is an entertaining link from Microsoft Australia about IE6, which says “You wouldn’t drink milk that was past its expiration date” – Gotta admit, that’s a great point!

If you require help in installing a new browser or want to discuss this further, email me at or call us at 864-990-4748 – Or optionally, reply to this post.

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend with your family. Please remember that if you are an American, many people have fought and died for your freedom!

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