Planning on purchasing a new notebook? Have you considered an SSD instead of an HDD?

SanDisk SSD hard drive

SanDisk SSD hard drive

If you were told you have an “SSD”, you might think you would need a round of antibiotics to clear that up, but in reality, it is a good thing!

SSDs, or Solid State Drives are becoming common place, though they have been around for a while. The price has been what has held back sales since the beginning, but recently we have noted a small decrease, thus making them a little more attractive to our clients.

The cost aside, these drives can replace your current hard drive, or make an excellent primary drive on a new notebook. Some of their features include the fact that they have no moving parts, providing better resistance to shock and vibration encountered when using a notebook in the field, they have fast throughput of data and possibly a huge factor to those who enjoy their quiet or work in music studios, none of that whirrrrrring you hear from your current hard drive! Replacing fans in your current computer with whisper-quiet fans, and its hard drive with an SSD can make for a very quiet work environment!

Many manufacturers of laptops, notebooks and netbooks are including SSDs as an option. This is really the time to purchase, as the system comes to you with the drive already installed and the operating system loaded, so it is ready to go.

There are two types of SSD drives currently; One is the SLC, or single level cell which allows one bit per memory cell, and shines with speed and reliability. The downside to the SLC would be the bulk and cost. Then there is the MLC or multi level cell devices, which store more than one bit in a single cell, are smaller in size, and cost less. The downside to MLC devices are that you sacrifice some speed.

Either way, it is worth considering an SSD for your next notebook purchase…

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