SECURE IT ALERT: 48 Holes Plugged in Apple Safari Browser! Looks like Microsoft IE has some competition!

Apple Safari Browser

Apple's Safari browser offers MS IE some stiff competition for security vulnerabilities!

The headline says it all – Apple just patched 48 vulnerabilities in their Safari internet browser, making it appear that the highly revered browser is now more of a threat to society than Microsoft’s Internet Explorer! Imagine that!?!?

Apple considers the updates to be “highly critical” and they are available for both v4.1 and v5.0, on both the Mac and the Windows operating system platforms..

What kind of vulnerabilities you ask? A number of them involve what is known as “remote code execution”, where a person browsing with a vulnerable version of the Safari browser could happen upon a malicious website, and code on that site could take ownership of the browsing computer by exploiting the security holes. The list is available HERE.

The solution is to get your browser updated ASAP, either to the latest version of the browser, which will get the latest updates, or, to update your current version. Should you require help with that, reply and I will try to give a step-by-step. Of course, there are alternate browsers you can use too, such as Mozilla Firefox, Google’s Chrome and Microsoft Internet Explorer to name a few.

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  1. Interesting conversation with a computer repair technician here in Greenville. He said they had fixed more exploited computers due to Safari and Firefox than all versions of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer this year. That’s almost hard to believe, but I will take his word for it. Kind of interesting that the browsers that people turn to for security are actually turning out to be as harmful/vulnerable as what they abandoned.

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