SC Sales Tax Holiday is a Great Time to Upgrade to Microsoft Office 2010 or a New Computer!

SC Sales Tax Holiday

Those of you who are lucky enough to live in the Great State of South Carolina can look forward to August 6th as that starts the Sales Tax Holiday!

That’s right, starting at 12:01AM on Friday, August 6th and ending at 12:00PM on Sunday, August 8th is your chance to buy items for student use without the 6% SC State sales tax.

The catch is – the items you purchase must fit into two categories – #1 it must be for school use, and #2 it must fit the long list of appropriate products, which can be found at

Technology-wise, if you are attending a university, a technical college, or have a child in school, you can purchase an entire computer, notebook / laptop, printers, and software and get this savings. You can’t buy computer parts, such as a monitor, UNLESS you purchase that monitor at the time you purchase the computer.

This could be an awesome opportunity to save some money… Imagine if you were planning on buying a top-of-the-line computer, with a big LCD monitor, Microsoft Office 2010 and Trend Micro anti-virus, not having to pay tax could save you enough to upgrade to an even BIGGER LCD monitor for the same price as you would pay if you purchased this system today. Or, optionally, if you are like my family with two children, and you have to buy two similar systems – waiting until the SC Tax Holiday could save enough money in taxes to buy my wife dinner at Ruth’s Chris or Pomegranate which would go a long way towards calming her down over such a large expenditure.

If you are a computer / network / technology student, learning to perform computer service, network support, etc, I believe this would cover your purchase of Microsoft Windows Server, Microsoft Exchange, Cisco firewalls and security equipment as well, but please do read the information at the site to make sure.  It will surely cover expensive software such as Adobe suites which students can already get a discount for the academic version, but a further 6% sure helps!

Homeland Secure IT is an authorized reseller for many outstanding computer / notebook companies such as Lenovo, HP, Toshiba, Nexlink and Dell, as well as Cisco, WatchGuard, SonicWall & Microsoft partners, so if we can help you with that next computer purchase or upgrade, let us know! We serve Greenville and the Upstate of SC…

Happy shopping!

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