Microsoft Office 2010 Version Features and Suggested Retail Pricing Simplified

“What is the difference between Microsoft Office 2010 Home & Business & Office 2010 Professional?” and “What does Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus have that Office 2010 Professional does not?” are common questions that we are asked by potential buyers and those who wish to upgrade. Once we explain the differences, the obvious next question is going to be, “How much does each one cost?”.

In an attempt to make it easier to visualize the differences between versions, I located a chart from a Wiki article and modified it to include the current suggested retail pricing of the various versions.

Microsoft Office 2010 Features and MSRP Matrix

Microsoft Office 2010 Features and MSRP Matrix

As you can see from the chart, Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus offers every feature available in the Office Suite of programs if you purchase the Volume license. And the Home and Student version provides the basic suite of software, excluding the Outlook mail client. The number one seller is Microsoft Home & Business because it does offer Outlook and it is affordable as well.

Notice the “Product Key Code Price” is much lower than the full retail version. The Product Key Code, or PKC version is the same as the Retail offering for each suite with a lower price due to the lack of media. PKC sales are designed for new PC purchases, which come with the evaluation of Microsoft Office 2010 pre-installed. Instead of buying a full retail version and installing that, you purchase the PKC from your vendor, which is just a package that contains a Product Key. The Product Key is then entered into the demo version to register it as the full product you purchased.

Not only does this save on packaging costs, but less packaging means less junk ends up in the landfill (while not a totally green solution, every little bit helps).

Volume licensing is the king of the green solutions as you do not actually receive any paper or packaging, or even media. You purchase a minimum of five licenses, which are delivered electronically, and you download the media and burn it to your own disk. Volume licensing is ideal for a small office of 5 or more, on up to offices and organizations with 1000s of employees.

Homeland Secure IT offers nationwide sales of Microsoft products as full retail, product key code or volume licensing, 1 user or 1 million users. We also offer complete installation, upgrades and computer / network support / service in the Greenville and Upstate South Carolina area. Please call 864-990-4748 ext 201 or email info@homelandsecureit.com for additional information.

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  1. If you would like to see Microsoft Office 2010 in action you can download and install a free trial, or if you are in the Greenville / Upstate SC area, give us a call or swing by our office and we will gladly let you have a hands-on experience with it!

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