Need a case & holster for your Samsung Epic 4g? Try the Innocase combo by Seidio

Seidio Innocase Surface for Samsung Epic 4g

Seidio Innocase Surface for Samsung Epic 4g

So you bought the coolest phone you could find and now you want to protect it…

That was our situation a couple weeks ago and we looked high and low for quality cases and holsters for the Samsung Epic 4g and everything we found was cheaply made.

Enter the Seidio Innocase Surface for the Epic 4g. Wow, this is a great case, and it has a matching holster that makes it a complete deal. We are in the computer service industry and constantly using our phones, so the quality of the holster is very important. In fact, having a reliable and rugged holster was one reason we stuck with the Blackberry so long, as RIM has done it right all along.

Back to the Seidio product… You can buy just the case, or you can buy the case and holster combo for a few dollars more.

The case snaps firmly to the phone and does not interfere with any of the functions, including the slide-out keyboard. It has a rubberized finish that sticks nicely in your hand, and I can assure you it is pretty robust as I have already tested it. It is available in all the normal colors one would expect; Sapphire Blue, Burgundy, Rose Pink, Amethyst (pictured to the left), Black, Ash Grey and Sage. We purchased cases in purple (That’s mine), Blue and Red and love the colors.

Seidio Innocase Holster

Seidio Innocase Holster

The holster is designed to work only if you have the Seidio Innocase Surface installed on your phone. It features a spring loaded release, and a snug fit that cradles the phone with the faceplate facing inward. The belt clip feels strong and secure. This holster rotates from vertical to horizontal layouts for wearing on your left or right sides.

For more information about Seidio’s products, visit their website at Though we have only had experience with the Innocase Surface for the Samsung Epic 4g, if the rest of their products are anything like these, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

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