Top 10 Reasons Customers Choose Trend Micro


Homeland Secure IT believes that Trend Micro Anti-Virus / Anti-Malware products offer the best value and best performance, but don’t take our word for it, what follows are the top 10 reasons customers choose Trend Micro:

1. Trend Micro Works hard to make customers happy.

Trend Micro Internet Security

Trend Micro Internet Security is great for business or personal use!

“Trend Micro is just great– professional, responsive, and a real pleasure to work with.” – Craig Berry, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, UGS PLM Software, Plano, Texas

2. Trend Micro understands its customer’s business.

“We are still partnering with Trend Micro today because they offer us more than just point products. They look at our overall environment and help us make the right decisions within the context of our business environment.” – Antonio Traetto, Networks and Storage Manager, IT, Rexam, London, UK

3. Trend Micro saves customers time by delivering easy-to-use solutions

“Once we put Trend Micro products in place, we didn’t have to spend as much time on security. The software takes care of everything for us and it’s working great. With the level of automation that we’ve gained, we don’t have to intervene. This has been huge— to know that our protection has been increased while our work has been reduced.” – Steve Buche, Chief Information Officer, Christian Homes

4. Trend Micro’s leadership and protection earns customers’ trust.

“I appreciate the timesaving, centralized administration of the Trend Micro solutions. But it’s the company’s leadership in technology and overall protection that keeps me a loyal Trend Micro customer. In our business, we have to take care of our buyers and sellers. We take that job seriously and Trend Micro helps us earn the trust of our customers. That keeps them safe and that keeps our company safe.” – Brian Carpenter (CISSP), Sr. Network and Systems Administrator, Heritage Auction Galleries (, Dallas, Texas

5. Trend Micro offers superior protection with multilayered solutions.

“We face very sophisticated, variable threats today—making it hard to keep up. To help us overcome this challenge, Trend Micro gives us an enterprise strategy that includes the best possible messaging protection at the gateway and at the mail server. Multilayered solutions— and strategies for cleaning up unwanted content— create a solid end-to-end approach. This is the extra added value we get from Trend Micro.” – Antonio Traetto, Networks and Storage Manager, IT, Rexam, London, UK

6. Trend Micro goes the extra mile.

“We were very impressed with the help we got from Trend Micro sales and engineering teams. We were used to software vendors that sent us software and wished us luck—Trend Micro was clearly motivated to help us succeed and they were there to provide all the information we needed to make sure our network-wide deployment went smoothly and met all of our requirements.” – Eric Ellerman, Network Manager, IT, Dot Foods

7. Trend Micro offers a range of scalable solutions.

“Through all stages of our growth, Trend Micro solutions have served us very well, reliably adapting and scaling as we needed to provide a stable environment for students and staff.” – Matthew Chapman, Assistant Director, Information Communications and Technology Services, Orange County Public Schools, Florida

8. Trend Micro listens and delivers on its promises.

“The integrated products and centralized management set Trend Micro apart from the competition right from the start. They were the fi rst to cover the desktop, servers, and gateways with a centralized management console. We have been with Trend Micro ever since and it has never let us down. Trend Micro works WITH you. Lots of other vendors don’t. Trend Micro listens and gives us what we need to succeed in our business.” – Gary Hall, Founder, Hall Computer Services, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

9. Trend Micro keeps up with new and evolving web threats.

“Trend Micro™ InterScan™ Web Security Suite and Trend Micro InterScan™ Messaging Security play a vital role in our first line of defense against Web threats by filtering traffic and blocking attacks right at the gateway. We needed to address the growing issue of spyware, phishing, and virus threats, and without Trend Micro products, there would be a gap in our managed services portfolio, and an inability to protect customers from these types of threats.” – Alexandre Rigaldo, Business Security Solutions Manager, Orange Business Services

10. Trend Micro makes life easier.

“Trend Micro offered us a solution that was less complicated than the others. From a technical point of view, it was the speed and simplicity of installation, and we had a good impression of Trend Micro’s overall approach. It was also very important to us to work with a reliable partner—the first-class qualifications and assistance we received from our local Trend Micro team put us completely at ease.” – Massimo Carnevali, Manager Information Systems, City of Bologna, Italy

There is a Trend Micro product that is right for just about every situation such as Worry Free Business Security (WFBS) and OfficeScan. Tired of Spam? WFBS Advanced and ScanMail can cut your unwanted junk mail down to a trickle. Smaller offices may want a hosted service to protect them from viruses, trojans, worms, malware, spyware, and more.

If you would like information, or a free consultation please email us at or call 864.990.4748. We offer the entire line of Trend Micro products & provide installation and support in the Greenville / Upstate SC area.  We also offer virus cleanup and removal service should you decide anti-virus is not for you.

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