Our daughter Megan performing Canon in D Major – Duet at Furman

Our daughter has been involved in the Furman Pre-College Music Program for the last 8 years. Every year they have two recitals, a spring solo, and a fall duet.

Friday marked Megan’s final duet, as she is now preparing to leave this program and attend Converse College next year. She will have one more solo recital and the option of doing a senior recital.

Just a few more days and our daughter turns 18, and a few more months and she leaves us to begin her own life. Wow, sad for us, exciting for her!

Pachelbel “Canon in D Major”

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  1. I can’t believe our girls are about to venture out into the big old world… I agree with your sentiment… “sad for us, exciting for [them]”. At least you and Pam have one more at home still!!

    Megz has turned into a beautiful young lady and I know she makes y’all very proud!!

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