Voting – Nothing to do with Computer Service, or is it?

Today is Election Day!  I hope you voted, or are planning to do so.  If you have, or will then GOOD FOR YOU for exercising your right (and duty).

If you are not planning to vote, then I thank you for trusting in me to make decisions that affect your life! It is an honor and privilege that you would permit me to speak for you… I sincerely hope that I live up to your expectations!!!!!

I won’t get into my political or religious beliefs, but I will say this – I voted for what I believe to be good for my family, my community, our businesses and our future. I focused on what this great country needs, and what is expected of us by God. The founders of the United States also did the same as they laid the framework for what is undoubtedly the most amazing country in the world.

Maybe this has nothing to do with “computer service” here in Greenville, or maybe it has EVERYTHING to do with it. As Homeland Secure IT celebrates a full year in our new office, we are grateful to our friends, family, community, clients and God for allowing us to thrive. We are grateful to the United States for the ability to do what we do, as there is no other place on this planet that allows small business to operate and flourish the way it does in America!

God Bless America!

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