Secure IT Alert: Apple QuickTime for Mac & Windows Vulnerable – Time to Update!

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Secure IT Alert for Thursday, December 09, 2010

Apple has released a security update that addresses 15 media handling vulnerabilities in Apple QuickTime player on both the Mac and Windows operating systems. These vulnerabilities are similar in nature…

If attacker can coax a user to open a malicious media file, such as an image or a video, the holes can be exploited to allow execution of code on the user’s computer. What damage could be done? If you are a Windows owner, especially if you are using the now outdated Windows XP as an administrator, the attacker can gain full control over your machine. Mac owners are a little more protected as your user account is isolated from the superuser account, however, significant damage can still be done.

The fix? Update to Apple QuickTime 7.6.9 to address these security issues.

If you are using Trend Micro Worry Free Business Security 7, a WatchGuard firewall device or similar, your administrator or computer / network service or support professional can block media files such as AVI, MOV, JP2, FPX, GIF, PCIT, PCT, PIC or QTVR in FTP, HTTP, Email and more. This solution may have a negative impact on your workflow, so the upgrade path to QT 7.6.9 is likely preferable to total blockage of media files.

Should you require assistance with this or any other computer or network security issue, computer repair or computer service in the Greenville or Upstate, SC area, please call us at 864.990.4748 or email We also offer the full line of Trend Micro Security Products, as well as WatchGuard, Cisco, SonicWALL and other firewall appliance.

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