Greenville & Upstate Computer Repair Nightmares?

Today, while talking with a client, I was reminded how different Homeland Secure IT is from some of the other PC service companies.

This client told me how much money she had spent at one repair facility and her problem was not taken care of at all. She initially took her computer in for a diagnoses of an issue, which she was charged 100 dollars for and told they would credit her 25% of that amount if she proceeded with the computer repairs they quoted at 150 dollars (so now we are talking about $75 + $150). She went for it and a week later had her computer back. Unfortunately, the problem came back quickly.

She lived with the problem for a few days until the computer was no longer functional and took it back to the place that had just charged her $225 plus tax, and sold her an anti-virus program. They cleaned the virus / malware off the computer again, and discounted the new repairs to only $75. ($300 invested in service alone, and a week and a half downtime).

Guess what? The problem came back!!!!  Obviously, the anti-virus program was not working correctly, or there were deeper issues. Again she went to the computer service place and they wanted to wipe and reload the computer, and quoted her $150 to back it up, wipe/reload, update it, install software and restore her data. That’s not too bad, except for the fact she had invested quite a bit of  money already!)

I guess we are a little different here. We don’t charge an evaluation fee at all. If we should happen to miss something and a computer goes out the door only to be reinfected, we would not normally charge additional fees (unless the client insisted on installing Limewire / torrent and other p2p apps, basically opening themselves up to all kinds of computer and network security issues)…

If you suspect you may have a virus, trojan, rootkit, or malware in general on your computer, let us help you – we have fast turn-around, fair prices, and we want you to be totally satisfied! We will go to your Greenville / Upstate business, or you can bring your workstation to us and take advantage of a reduced labor rate! Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Windows Server, or even Mac OS-X, we’re here for you.

864.990.4748 or for more information.

If you have a computer nightmare of your own, we would love to hear it… Click that comments section and tell us all about it!

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