Why do you need Microsoft Windows 7 SP1?

I am hearing that many people are opting to not install Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 which was released back in February 22, 2011.

The reasoning is that it is a large download (750MB or 1GB depending on whether you need 32bit or 64bit versions), a long install process, and there are no enhanced features.

So what does the Service Pack provide? A compilation of security patches and non-security related fixes which have already been addressed and released via Windows Update. So basically, if you have kept up to date with updates as they have been released, SP1 is not going to give you additional security.

SP1 would certainly be handy for those installing a new version of the operating system, especially computer repair and computer service techs who generally have to install a slew of updates after a fresh install. With the release of SP1, a fresh install, followed by SP1 and a few other patches, brings the computer fully up to date. The SP1 install can be downloaded and stored on a DVD for later install, or optionally it could be slip streamed into a full install for computer techs who do LOTS of installs of the OS.

There are two enhancements that are included in the Service Pack, and that is an updated Remote Desktop client that functions with RemoteFX, a new technology that is included in the Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1, released in concert with Windows 7 SP1… Dynamic Memory was also implemented into the Service Pack, which allows virtual machine memory to be adjusted in real-time.

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