Bovinova 2011 made it into the Wall Street Journal!

A group of creative and daring Greenville / Upstate, SC individuals spent thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of time to bring us Bovinova 2011…

What was it?  It was BIG!  Here’s a Wall Street Journal video that details it:  (Vegetarians and Vegans may want to skip this. hahah)


Alas, no mention of The Dockside Band playing, but hey, there’s a shot of me helping man-handle a cow!   Mooooooooo!

On Friday night, while the cooking was going on, TimTV performed his act with fire eating, and then the rain came & the wind blew… Allll night long!  Dozens watched on a webcam to see what was going on and to watch those crazy cooks like Jeff Bannister do their thing, while battling the weather… The next day, it cleared up just in time for hundreds of people to attend and enjoy some tasty beef!

Some of the sponsors of the event were, Swagclub, Network Controls, Whipp and Ken’s Plumbing.

One thing is for certain… Bovinova 2012 will be even more spectacular!

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