Financing your business IT needs using a “Master Lease” program

One of the more frequently asked questions by those who are purchasing or planning to purchase new computers, servers or network equipment is, “Can we get the computers now, then upgrade our server later?”, meaning that they are considering performing an update in steps, maybe over a couple years.

Up until recently, if the business were planning on leasing their equipment that they would apply for one lease, then when it came time to purchase the other products, they would apply for yet another lease.

Our leasing company has what is known as a “Master Lease” program, which allows you to sign a master agreement for the initial purchase, then supplement the future purchase when the time comes.


  • The Master Lease easily accommodates add-on equipment with a one-page document.
  • Projects that are broken into phases continue smoothly under the Master Lease agreement.
  • Pricing of monthly payments may be lower due to the total exposure outstanding.

All we have to do is to finalize our proposal outlining potential phases to the project, determine the amount of services (which may be included in the agreement or paid separately) and then do some paperwork with our leasing company…

For instance, we could upgrade your server today, your computers in 6 months and your VoIP phone system next year, all with the same Master Lease…

If you would like more information about how we can help with your IT needs and how leasing may work for you, please call us at 864-990-4748 or email

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