Been a long time since we gave something away… What shall it be????

I was asked by a client why we haven’t been giving away stuff…  That’s a good question! I don’t know, we just got distracted with work or something.

If you remember from a while back, we gave away a Cisco Flip Mino HD camera that we won in a contest, and we also gave away a really cool wireless network security camera, some Trend Micro Titanium Anti-Virus product, and a few other little things here and there via silly contests with few rules.

So what should we give away and why?

The Flip was given away because you guys helped us win a contest, the network security camera was to introduce a product to  you that we offer, and Trend was because was love their anti-virus product and want everyone to use it!

Stay tuned here, we will come up with something…  Maybe an X-Box 360?  (We won one of those ourselves!)

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