Casinos have incredible video surveillance… You can too!

I’m away on vacation with my lovely wifey Pamela, and our first stop on the Gulf tour was the IP Casino and Resort in Biloxi, MS, where we met my older brother, his wife and their oldest daughter…

While roaming around, it was easy to see that the “eye in the sky” was ever present, and I do mean EVERYWHERE.  Heck, at check-in, there were 17 cameras that I spotted without even turning my head around! On the 2nd floor, where the big buffet and the non-smoking casino area is, there were at least 60 cameras clearly visible. (How many were not visible?).

There were cameras in hallways, elevators and parking garages. Who knows, maybe even some in the bathrooms. (Let’s hope not).

What it reminded me of was how grateful I am that we have surveillance at our places of business (Homeland Secure IT has at least a dozen that you can see inside and outside), and at our home.

When we are away from work or home, we get alerts in email, letting us know that something, or someone moved in view of our cameras. We can then use our Android smartphone, computer or iPad to watch the cameras in real-time. They record video and audio automatically. They see in the dark, and offer very high resolution.

While setting up a casino is not outside our realm of expertise, setting up your home or business is right in the middle of our sweet spot.

If you crave the peace of mind offered by high quality video surveillance, then give us a call and let’s talk about how we can put a system in place that will meet your needs and desires.

We offer IP Network cameras, both wired and wireless, as well as conventional CCTV solutions. We are dealers for quality products from Cisco, Panasonic and other manufactures and we serve the Greenville / Upstate SC area.

864.990.4748 or for more information!

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