Microsoft Office 365 Cloud Computing Arrives With Little Fanfare

As a Microsoft Partner, we keep abreast of all the offerings that MS has that may be of interest to our clients.  One area of interest has been The Cloud as momentum in Cloud Computing / Cloud Services has been building slowly but steadily as businesses search for ways to save money and reduce personnel & IT costs.

Google Apps and Microsoft BPOS (Business Productivity Online Services) have really taken off as a way to possibly avoid having a mail server onsite and to save money on the purchase of office suite software, since the mail client is web based (or you can combine it with your out client, such as Outlook).

Earlier this week, Microsoft unveiled their Office 365 product, which is designed to attract those who hate the idea of purchasing a product, and would prefer to license a service or product.

In theory it is good… You are renting the software and it is cloud based. In practice, it may not be realistic for your business if you have lousy internet connectivity.

A ZD Net article the other day also claims that lack of bandwidth will be the downfall to these types of services. Find it here:

If you have a business in the Greenville / Upstate, SC area and would like to know whether a cloud solution such as Office 365 can work for you, please call us and let’s talk! 864.990.4748 or email – We are Microsoft Specialists!

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