Don’t forget – the 2011 South Carolina Sales Tax Holiday excludes items used in your business or trade…

It’s almost that time again!   Starting tomorrow, August 5th at 12:01am until August 7th at midnight, South Carolina’s Sales Tax Holiday will be in effect.

During this time, you can save 6% state sales tax on purchases in many categories, including the one we are most interested in, electronics.

A few examples from the website of exempt products:

  • Computer hardware service contracts sold in conjunction with computers
  • Computer software (This includes Microsoft Office, Microsoft Windows)
  • Computer software service contracts sold in conjunction with computer software
  • Computer software service contracts when the true object of the contract is to obtain computer software updates during the contract period
  • Computers (computer parts, such as computer monitors, keyboards and scanners, when not sold in conjunction with a central processing unit (CPU) and accessories are taxable) (Think notebook, desktop & tablet computers here)
  • Personal Digital Assistants or PDAs (PDAs are hand-held computers used as daily planners. Please note that the exemption does not apply to cell phones with a PDA, computer applications or similar components.) (The rules are sketchy here, an Android tablet computer is a PDA OR a computer, not primarily a cell phone)
  • Printer supplies (replaceable ink cartridges used in printers are exempt from tax as “printer supplies”)
  • Printers (replacement parts are taxable)

You need to read the information at THIS SITE before making these purchases…

There are a number of exclusions and something VERY important for businesses to understand is that you cannot use the sales tax holiday for making purchases of items that will be used in your business or trade.

Homeland Secure IT will be honoring the sales tax holiday on purchases made tomorrow (Friday). It’s a great time to buy your college-bound child a new notebook computer!

We offer HP, Dell, Lenovo, Toshiba, Nexlink and more… We can custom spec a computer today, place the order tomorrow and in most cases have it in your hands on Monday or Tuesday!

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