Cisco OnPlus service available now to small & medium businesses

Cisco OnPlus

Large businesses have full-time IT staff or fully outsourced IT support that provide monitoring of their infrastructure and keep them up to date and now small & medium (SMB) businesses can have the same level of support when it comes to devices on their network.

Cisco OnPlus works by allowing Homeland Secure IT or your Cisco SMB service provider to place a Cisco OnPlus Network Agent at your location and configure it for reporting.  The Cisco SMB specialist will be able to monitor your site from remote on a variety of devices, from handheld to tablets, to desktops and take action when needed.

OnPlus is the latest tool in the Managed Service Provider’s arsenal. Using it,¬†Cisco products can be backed up, restored and fully managed remotely. Other devices are supported as well!

As always with Cisco, security is the name of the game and OnPlus provides a secure environment for your IT service provider to manage your network. Your data is safe from prying eyes, only the devices themselves can be managed and use of this system does not permit access to data outside of configuration and management.

If you would like your business to have monitoring, alerting, reporting and managing capabilities, then ask your Cisco SMB provider about this exciting offering. No need to wait for a service or repair technician to visit your location, management is handled in real-time, remotely! This service is one of the most affordable methods for managing your firewalls and security appliances, IP surveillance systems, switches, routers, VoIP phone systems and more.

Homeland Secure IT provides Cisco SMB sales and support in the Greenville & Upstate SC area. Call us today at 864.990.4748 or email


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