Nothing to write on this blog today… Not about computers, servers, or anything else…

As I sit here, wanting to type up something about computers, computer repair, some new gadget, a security issue or something inane as usual, I am unable to come up with a single thing more important than what occurred yesterday, and that is the death of a social media icon, a Greenville business enthusiast and dare I say, friend.

Trey Pennington, a man I met no more than maybe a dozen times in person, never shared a meal with or had a real conversation with outside of business, marketing or social media, took his own life, and there are countless blog, facebook and twitter posts about that unfortunate incident.

No, nothing I have to say is important at all, other than to say a thank you to Trey for all he did for us, and to apologize for not taking the time to get to know him on a personal level.

To his family, especially his children, God bless you all. He loved you dearly! He made that apparent with every appearance and conversation he had.  You will be in our prayers.

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