World-wide shortage of hard drives coming! Lack of availability will drive costs skyward! #EverybodyPanic

Western Digital

It’s all over the news, Thailand has been affected by flooding in a treacherous monsoon season.  Yeah yeah yeah, what does that mean?

Unfortunately, it appears that just shy of half of all hard drive parts are manufactured in Thailand, and the flooding has forced closures at those manufacturing facilities.

In one article, it states that Toshiba has halted hard drive production entirely, and Western Digital has closed their plants as well.  Seagate remains open, but their suppliers are in question.

I’ve already been told by one of our suppliers to expect this shortage to raise prices considerably and referenced a 10 dollar hike in the cost of 250GB drives, probably driven by speculation alone. The same supplier told us that quotes for server, desktop and notebook computers would be valid for only 7 days, effective immediately.

Those in the know are estimating it could take as long as a year to recover from this situation and every manufacturer of computers is likely to be affected by this, causing the cost of your next computer to be considerably higher. A computer repair that requires a hard drive replacement will obviously be higher as well.

Hopefully it will not be like the Cisco ASA shortage of last year, where we had to WAIT for the units to become available.

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I stole the picture at the right from this article.

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