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Are you involved with GSA Technology Council? If so, you already know all about this. If not, here’s a Greenville event that many people will find informative (stolen from their email sent out earlier today):

<<First Name>>Andrew Grafton, FBI Agent, will discuss current and past cyber cases, demonstrate an intrusion, discuss securing confidential information, and review the current issues faced by businesses in the U.S. and around the world. This executive briefing will give you a high-level view regarding hacker’s specific targets and intrusion methods.

Specific Topics to include:
* Global cyber crime trends
* Specifically what hackers are after
* Current cases being investigated by the FBI
* Tools and Methodologies

Come listen, learn, and lunch with us as Andrew Grafton reveals the current state of the art in Cybercrime at our April meeting.
GSATC Learning Lunch
April 11, 2012

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Join us this April as Andrew Grafton of the FBI presents, ”Cybercrime, the Internet, and you…”
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About our speaker

Andrew Grafton

Andrew Grafton of the FBI.
Any more information and we may get in trouble.

This month’s Learning Lunch is presented by:

Immedion Palmetto Software Group


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