No work today… I’ll be attending TEDx Greenville again this year #TEDxGVL #Greenville

I was rather concerned that today would come and I would have work piled up to my ears and unable to attend the TEDx event I’ve been waiting paitently for since last year.

Up until 3:30 yesterday, I was reasonbly sure that I wouldn’t make it. I had even spoken with a couple people who needed tickets (this is a sold out event again this year) and told them that if I could not make it, they could have mine. Heck, I probably could have sold them for 100 bucks and made some money, but I think that could be illegal.

So here it is, 7:00 AM the day of the event and I’m all giddy with excitement. If you are reading this, then maybe you are not there. Your loss, really.

You can find out all about it over on, or follow the twitter feed of #TEDxGVL – I think there is a live video feed today too.

Then tomorrow, our band, The Dockside Band ( is playing the grand opening of Palmetto Moonshine down in Anderson, starting about 11:15 AM and going as late as 8:00 PM.  Palmetto Moonshine is South Carolina’s first legal distillery. They will be having free tastings and giveaways throughout the day in addition to the groovy party tunes laid down by Dockside.

Have a super weekend!

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