Top 7 Reasons to Upgrade to Symantec NetBackup 7.5

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The following is from Symantec’s Tech Tips and News:


Top 7 Reasons to Upgrade to Symantec NetBackupTM 7.5 

1. Unite physical and virtual environments
With three Best of VMworld awards and nearly two million customers protecting their critical physical and virtual data, Symantec is the industry leader in VMware and Hyper-V backup. Only Symantec offers V-Ray technology for true single file recovery, deduplication, and policy management from VMware, Hyper-V, or traditional physical servers in a single product. The Virtual Machine Intelligent Policy lets you automatically discover and protect new or moved virtual machines without changing your backup policies. And with its automatic load-balancing capabilities, backup performance is optimized and hosts run at peak performance.

2. Unify snapshots and backup
A snapshot without NetBackup is a snapshot with a difficult recovery. That’s why enterprises need NetBackupTM Replication Director. Easily recover hundreds of storage-level snapshots in minutes, or locate just the file you need with powerful granular recovery technology.

3. Break the backup window
Stop trying to keep pace with data growth. Outsmart it instead with Symantec NetBackupTM Accelerator and enjoy 100 times faster backups. With the NetBackup Accelerator, Symantec provides the recovery benefits of a full backup in the time it takes to do an incremental backup. Now you can implement a true tiered recovery strategy so you can protect the right data with the right backup, and still recover it with one product.

4. Fight infinite retention
Your backup is not an archive. NetBackup Search ends infinite retention by helping you identify what to archive and what to delete. NetBackup Search helps to automate this process, thus saving time and money as it finds the needed information, and it also helps to make sure that only relevant information is being held. Operational Restore is a simple yet powerful feature within the OpsCenter Web-based console that makes finding files fast and easy for restoration across the entire enterprise data protection environment.

5. Stop putting tapes on trucks
Modernize your disaster recovery strategy: Stop shipping tapes by truck and take to the Auto Image Replication (AIR). AIR eliminates volumes of physical assets and prioritizes files that can be sent over the network. AIR automatically manages the global replication of deduplicated backup images. This technology enables fast and scalable disaster recovery because backup images can be made available for immediate recovery from any domain or global location, with minimal storage footprint and bandwidth impact.

6. Eliminate complexity
Backup appliances from Symantec provide a plug-and-play solution that includes expandable storage and deduplication for physical and virtual systems that can be set up in minutes. Symantec makes scalable backup simple and predictable with easy setup and deployment, and the scalability you would expect from an enterprise-class solution. There is no investment in a large footprint. With Symantec, you purchase capacity as needed, and the processing and memory resources scale as storage increases, allowing for more consistent performance.

7. One product, any recovery
Backup can take many forms, but your recovery shouldn’t. Symantec NetBackup is the single solution for many recovery scenarios — tape, disk, snapshot or cloud — using physical, Hyper-V, or VMware technology. With NetBackup Bare Metal RestoreTM, you can easily recover any application or system to a virtual machine. Having the right hardware handy is no longer a requirement for recovery.
Replication Director simplifies backup and recovery, leveraging the speed of snapshots with existing NetBackup enterprise class data protection.


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