iOS 7 is more than just a bunch of pretty changes and features

By now you surely have iOS 7 installed on your Apple iPhone, iPad, or whatever iThing you own. If you are like me, you are happy with the new features, for the most part, and missing some old functionality. If you are really picky, you might have found a dozen little bugs by now, but then again, you could have found the work-arounds either on your own or by googling for them too.

Whether you have updated or not, one thing is for sure, iOS 7 does offer a number of security enhancements. ¬†Without counting them, let’s just say, there are a LOT. ¬†Dozens in fact. is where you will find the list.

So, for those of you who are holding out to update your device because you like what you have, or you don’t care about new features – you may wish to consider it simply as a security enhancement.

One word of warning – the update may take a while… ¬†Start it and go get a bite to eat. I’ve heard some people say it took them several hours, though in my experience it was less than an hour, it just seemed longer.

What ever you do Рdo NOT hold the power button and force the device down during the update installation. There have been many bricked phones and tablets due to that.  Also, you really should plug it into a power source and have reliable internet access during the update.

Should you have any issues, let us know, we will be happy to assist here in the Greenville, SC area… ¬† 864-990-4748

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