Your business should consider a network security audit

Business Network Security Audit Pen Testing © Can Stock Photo / olivier26Are you ready for 2017? How about your business network?

This is a prime time to schedule a network security audit that will find the potential issues which are laying dormant, waiting for a “bad guy” to take advantage of them and exploit your network.

Using a wide array of tools, Homeland Secure IT can perform a penetration test (PenTest) which will discover devices in your network, and reveal the exploitable vulnerabilities. A report is then generated and provided for your eyes only that will help our techs, your IT department or an IT professional of your choice to apply any necessary updates and patches to secure your network.

Our audits will find outdated operating systems, devices with no or weak credentials, services such as SSH and Telnet that are susceptible leverage and much much more.

The cost of a network audit is more affordable than you might expect and let’s face it – you cannot prepare for issues you are not aware of.

Give us a call at 864-990-4748 x201, or use our CONTACT FORM to get more information about how Homeland Secure IT can help make your Greenville / Upstate South Carolina business network more secure so you can sleep better at night!

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