We’ve been nominated Best of the Upstate – Best Computer Services!

In this day and age, where the “big boys” are the only ones who can afford TV and print ads, it’s amazing when a small, local business gets a little blurb out there… Especially when it’s “free” so to speak….

You see, each year, for as long as I can remember, The Greenville News has sponsored a reader driven “Best of the Upstate” awards system. Sure, the big box stores get in there and they win, quite frequently, because lots of customers equals lots of votes. Heck, lots of employees equals lots of votes.

Anyway, we were nominated by you, and we are honored to even be nominated! It means a lot to us that you took time from your busy schedule to do that!!!!!!

But, now, the voting has begun and we’re just one of many who are up for the one award.

If you would be so kind as to give us another minute of your time to vote, we would appreciate that very much as well!

Here’s the things my family are up for:

Culture, Arts & Entertainment – Best Local Band

Services – Best Computer Service – Homeland Secure IT

Shops and Wares – Best Carpet Store – McAbee’s Custom Carpet


Like last year, you can only vote ONCE per email address….

This is what we are after:
Best Computer Services - Best of the Upstate 2015

You can bet I am voting for our clients and friends too!   If you have been nominated and want my vote, email me… Chances are good I have already voted for you, but I don’t want to miss anyone!


Thanks so much for everything!!!!!


— John & Pamela Hoyt






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