Fake o365 password emails still happening

Not a day goes by that one of the customers that Homeland Secure IT provides computer services to doesn’t call or email asking about the legitimacy of an email they received that is informing them of some action they need to take.

Typical emails might be telling them:

Your o365 password is expiring
You have mail that has been quarantined
An error has occurred and your mail cannot be delivered
You have pending messages that have not been sent
Your account has been suspended

And they are prompted to take action, such as following a link to keep the same password, or to reactivate their email account.

Here’s an example email that I received:

Bogus fake Microsoft O365 password expiration notification

At first glance, this email would look legit to someone not paying attention. The subject (not shown) is:
Access Log-in Due Friday, July 29, 2022

That alone sounds time critical, as that is today!

It’s saying the password has expired, but I can click that big red button and KEEP SAME ACCESS.

But hold on a minute, something is wrong. Look at that FROM address. That is *NOT* a Microsoft address. And if you hover your mouse over the “KEEP SAME ACCESS” link / button, you will see the URL it is sending you to, which is also not associated with Microsoft.

If you receive this type of email and are confused, please reach out to an IT specialist.

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Be safe out there!

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