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Yesterday I wrote about how phone books seem to be going the way of the Commodore 64 (relegated to being used as a door stop). Of course as soon as I said that, I got a phone call from a potential client who had gotten our name out of the phone book. First one this year I believe. However, she had looked in the WHITE pages and she was looking for a specific name, not something like “Computer Repair” or “Computer Sales”, etc. She actually was not even looking for anything to do with computers at all! She was looking for a locksmith actually who’s name was something like Upstate Security or Homeland Security, and found our name. Turns out, when I told her that we did computer sales, computer service, computer consultation, etc, she said she NEEDED someone to fix her computer and I gave her the name of a really good Locksmith at the same time.

I have looked to see how people are finding our business in searches, and I have asked each new client how they found us. The majority always say “We just Googled for you”, and then I have to ask exactly what they searched for. Most of the time it is “Greenville Computer” something, like “Greenville Computer Sales” or “Greenville Computer Repair”, and most always it is Google being used, but a few have used Bing.

I received some input regarding my thoughts from yesterday and it appears that nobody that read the blog entry actually uses a paper phone book. One person said they instantly toss new phone books in the garbage (I told them to consider recycling). A fellow business owner in the same field who follows my silliness on this blog told me that when he is in need of anything, he first uses his own address book which is loaded with hundreds of contacts (Outlook, Exchange and his phone), and if fails to locate what he is after, he then uses search engines exclusively because the time it takes to lay his hands on a phone book and flip through it is a waste of his money. Then my wife weighed in and said “many businesses in the phone book have gone OUT of business in the time since it was printed”. So it would seem that most people feel the same way that I feel.

If you are using yellow page advertising in the computer service or computer support field and are having great success, I would be interested in hearing from you. In fact, if you have any comments, just email me, or comment on this article. (I’m envisioning every phone book ad salesperson emailing or calling me…)

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  1. From looking at our logs, discussions with clients, and with other people who have been kind enough to share their thoughts, I have found that the majority of people are just looking for computer repair using the above keywords. Nothing spectacular except some search for their computer maker, such as “greenville dell computer repair”. None of them have used a phone book to find us, all have been online searches.

  2. I must say Homeland Secure IT is the BEST!
    I took my laptop to them last week and John and his staff were able to work wonders. They are knowledgeable and patient. If you haven’t found or been introduced to this GREAT company, take the time to see them. You never know when you may have a computer issue, need a new computer, have a question about software or even have surveillance needs. These are the people and company you need on your side!!!!!

    Thank you John and Homeland Secure IT.

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