Free Microsoft T-Shirt

Homeland Secure IT, LLC has sponsored a couple Microsoft events where we showcased Microsoft products such as Microsoft Server 2008 R2, Microsoft Exchange Server 2010, Microsoft Office 2010 (due out later this year), and Windows 7. Because Microsoft can actually be pretty cool and we partner with them, they gave us some neat promotional products to give away at these events. Unfortunately (for us), we did not fill every seat, but fortunately for you, it left us with a couple items and we want to give them away.

To the first 3 people who leave a response to this posting and are capable of driving by our office at 104 Mauldin Rd, Suite E in Greenville, SC, we will give a Microsoft T-Shirt, size is XL I believe. We might even have a pen or pad left over and throw that in as well. So, click on the comment button and tell us who you are and we will hook you up!

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  1. Make sure your comment has your name and contact information so we can get with you…. Remember, you have to pick it up, I’m not delivering it =)

  2. I like all the products of microsoft, specially the new one which they just buyed i.e FAST ESP.

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