Google High Speed Fiber Coming To Greenville SC

Okay, the title is deceiving, as Google has not picked where they are going yet… However, we here in the Upstate are hoping that Google will select Greenville, SC as their test bed for 1 Gig of fiber awesomeness!

This Saturday, many people are planning on meeting downtown in Greenville in an effort to make everyone in the world aware that Google is welcome in our wonderful community. The event is limited to 2000 participants, but don’t let that stop you from turning out. The more the merrier as they say.  More information can be found here:

To anyone from Google who happened to Google and find this posting using whatever search keywords, whether #GoogleOnMain or #LuckyGVL or who knows what… Let me tell you why I believe Google should select Greenville…  Greenville SC is already a technology center for the state and the region. So much is going on in the way of technology, from automotive research and development to cutting edge medical products and proceedures. Bringing lightning fast connectivity will cause a mass influx of businesses, and with those businesses will come jobs, and money to an area that was dramatically impacted by the loss of the textile industry to other countries. I believe Greenville has so much to offer the world, and a huge pipe will allow us to share what we have!  Thanks for your consideration!!!!

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