Hexakopter Six Bladed Chopper Based on Microkopter

I would love to have one of these…..

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  1. The kopter is awesome, I have seen this video 6 times.
    I would be interested in purchaing one, are they availible.
    Thanks in advance
    Tom S.

    1. Tom, there are additional videos of this nature all over youtube.com, just search for “hexakopter” and more importantly, “mickokopter”. The majority are built from components that are available, but if you want to buy a ready to fly or almost ready to fly unit, you can do so from a few sources, however, be warned that the price tag is a stiff one.

      There are some great videos on vimeo.com of hexakopters and oktakopters carrying digtal cameras along for stunning aerial video work. Smooth and beautiful! Best of luck, I hope you get one. Heck, get two, one for me!!!!!

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