Homeland Secure IT now has two Microsoft Sales Specialists

Greg and I took the Microsoft Sales Specialist Virtualization courses and then the associated assessments and are happy we passed, giving us yet another certificate to hang on the wall. The Microsoft Sales Specialist courses prepared us for assisting our clients with the task of virtualizing their desktops and servers. The courses cover everything you need to know about the MS offerings for Hyper-V, and new technologies for virtualizing desktops.

Businesses who are wanting to consolidate a room full of power hungry, heat generating, noise making servers into a rack of virtualized servers are not the only ones turning to virtualization these days. More and more companies are deploying desktop virtualization so that their mobile workforce or branch offices can be easily maintained centrally and so that users can continue using old desktops, or even thin clients, while using the latest software offerings.

If you want more information about virtualization or to find out if it is right for your company, please contact us!

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