Time to update your Internet Explorer

It is (way past) time to let your old Internet Explorer go! What’s the hold up on your end? Now I understand you don’t like change, and that you know where everything is on your current browser, but I assure you that within minutes of installing IE 8, you will be back in the groove and everything you do now will be even easier with features liked tabbed browsing, etc.

Why is it so important that you update? Because the old versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer are loaded with “holes” that open you and your system up to one exploit after another. Not that installing the latest IE is going to give you 100% protection, however doing so will at least protect you 100% more than the old versions. Several sites have even announced they will stop supporting older versions of IE, so one day soon you may find that you can’t even browse to your favorite site if you do not opt to upgrade.

What about alternative browsers? There are a slew of them out there, and many people find that using one will give them a better browsing experience than Microsoft’s offering. All I can say is to download and try one of them and if you like it, use it. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

If you require help in upgrading your browser, or just have questions, shoot me a note, or call our office.

For more information about the latest doom & gloom for old versions of IE: http://www.neowin.net/news/microsoft-warns-of-new-zero-day-exploit-for-internet-explorer

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