Why was the Google On Main / #GoogleOnMain event important to Greenville & the Upstate?

Amy Wood of WSPA TV was asking what the Google On Main event meant to us… In thinking about what Google On Main meant to me, it meant a chance to join with friends and strangers alike in a *community* effort to catch the eye of Google… And I believe we did just that!

Seriously though… To see thousands of people come together and achieve a common goal was a good thing for our 17 year old daughter to see. We made this a family affair, taking my wife, daughter & a friend with us to the event.

I believe it is a true testimony to what Greenville, SC as a community is capable of. Where else would you find a group of great minds who would dedicate their time to unselfishly plan & organize such an event, a city “machine” who is receptive to said event that would throw open the doors to allow it to occur, businesses who would support the event, volunteers who would help with the staging, media who would get so involved, and thousands of people, young and old who took time out of their weekend to do something for Greenville?

And what about why Google Fiber is important to the Greenville area? That’s simple – Because if Greenville can come together to accomplish so much with so little time and resources, imagine what Greenville will accomplish with mind-boggling bandwidth! What strides will be made in medical, industrial, educational & the arts thanks to a fat pipeline? Give us the chance to find out and you will not be let down!

One thing is for sure… Should Google select another city, it will not be because Greenville has sat idly by!

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  1. Hey thanks for the blog post and for your continued support. Totally agree- no other city could have pulled this off in two weeks in the heart of their downtown.

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