Google On Main participants wanted: Join and support our Komen Race for the Cure team

Race For The Cure

Help us run breast cancer out of town!

We saw where another local IT company, Plus Inc., has a number of their employees involved in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure that will take place in September and thought that was a great idea! In fact, two of us here donated to their goal… See, my wife’s mother is a 15 year breast cancer survivor, so this is near and dear to her heart and we couldn’t stop with just a contribution…

So we started a team for our company, and then it hit me, I was not thinking broad enough. We need to harness the power of a great event that took place a few weeks ago called “Google On Main”, and try to get the 2200+ people involved with that to join this awesome cause, so we have renamed our team from “Homeland Secure IT” to “G(o)(o)gle On Main” and have started telling people about it. Our goal is to raise 5000 dollars, which should be easy, right?

Why not join our team and participate in the walk/run/race? We would love to have the company and the inspiration for us to drag or fat bottoms 5k for this cause!

Okay, so you are lazy, you can actually “Sleep in for the Cure”… That’s right, you can contribute and select “Sleep in for the Cure” and while you sleep, your hard earned money is doing something useful!

The site to signup or support the Race for the Cure is:


More information about Google On Main is at http://www.WeAreFeelingLucky.com and you can follow #GoogleOnMain and #LuckyGVL on Twitter too.

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  1. I’m getting some emails and direct messages, but nobody has joined our team yet? Come on people, join up and walk, run or race! Or just support our team with a contribution of any amount. Every little bit helps in his race to the cure for breast cancer!

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