Happy Easter to our Greenville & Upstate Friends, Family and Computer Service Clients

Happy Easter from Homeland Secure IT & The Hoyts

Happy Easter (c)2010 John M. Hoyt

I wanted to do something silly that would make you laugh, like the pic someone put on Facebook today with chewy little Peep marshmellow candies, set up on a stage, complete with a pole, all dancing, and the caption of “This wasn’t what I had in mind when I heard we were going to a “Peep Show”…”  Then I remembered that in 2009, we saw a cartoon with two chocolate bunnies that had bites taken out of them, and I decided to replicate that here for your enjoyment.

All humor aside, and at the risk this may offend someone due to political correctness and all that (I’m not known for my political correctness).  Easter is about far more than Peeps, chocolate bunnies, egg hunts and the Easter Bunny. It is about our Lord Jesus, who sacrificed His life for you and for me. I sincerely hope that if you do not know Christ as your Lord & Savior, that you will seek His love and accept Salvation. It doesn’t cost anything, there’s no sacrifice that YOU have to make, and He is ready for you when you are ready for Him!  Want to discuss it? Contact me, or a church of your choice, or optionally, just Google “how to become a Christian”. Becoming a Christian and accepting Christ really is as easy as asking God into your heart.

You can pray this prayer:  God, I know that I am a sinner. I believe You died for my sins, that the only way to an Eternal Life is through you, and I ask that you come into my heart, make a changed person, because I want to follow you. Please forgive me of my sins, please help me to be a better person…  That’s the key, that you KNOW that Christ was sent here for you, that He died for your sins, and that through him, you can have Eternal Life. You must truly want to change, and ask for forgiveness. 

Confused? It is understandable, in this world where nothing is truly free, and where nobody ever forgets the bad you have done in your life. Christ’s love is free. And Christ forgives you, if you will only seek that forgiveness.

God bless and happy Easter to you and your family from our family!

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