Is your business still relying on an old FAX machine & multiple styles of printers?

FAX Machine

Just the FAX!

If your business is like many that we provide service for, you may still require the use of a FAX machine. In fact you may have a conglomeration of devices that you use in order to have the best of all worlds, maybe your office looks something like this: A laser printer to print forms and documents cheaply, and quickly. A FAX machine to receive orders on and send legal documents. A scanner to digitize documents for storage on your file server, or to import into emails. A color / ink jet printer to print the occasional color document. Maybe a dot matrix printer that is solely used to print your checks. And then you might have a copier that allows you to duplicate quickly. You might have multiple small printers at each workstation because you sure don’t want someone printing to your checks that are loaded in a particular printer.

If that sounds like you, then this may sound familiar too: Each of the printing devices use different ribbons, ink cartridges, toner cartridges, and maybe even special papers. You have trouble finding the printer you want to print to in the long list of shared devices, etc.

It doesn’t have to be that way! With today’s printing technology, a typical business can eliminate many devices in their network, cutting down power consumption (Yes, those devices use power even when doing nothing), reducing the heat (all those power supplies and the associated electronics generate heat while consuming power), cleaning up the appearance of your facility by giving you back valuable desk and counter space, and save you gas and time trying to keep all the various inks and toners on hand.

We can work with your Greenville / Upstate business to determine if a change to your printing & FAXing infrastructure can save you money and make your life easier. Let’s look at just one way a new technology can help you. If your business moves to a VoIP (Voice over IP) solution, it can handle both incoming and outgoing faxes for you, and replace the current stand-alone FAX machine. In fact, you will no longer need to print out a document to your printer, walk to your FAX machine and FAX it off, then shred the document you just printed out. Instead, you can PRINT to the FAX server, without even wasting a sheet of paper. The document goes out directly to the source, and you never left your workstation!

What about reception of FAXes? Using a VoIP system to handle your FAX can again eliminate paper usage because incoming documents can be EMAILED to your inbox. You can then opt to print the item if you deem it necessary, save it, forward it to other people or respond with another FAX. This is powerful technology, and good for our planet!

Think of the time, money and frustration that can be saved!

I’ll talk about printing, scanning, FAXing, document management, copying and more in future blog entries, but until then, save a tree and FAX to/from your PC! Call us at 864-990-4748 and we will discuss how these technologies can help your business!  Have a great weekend…

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  1. Thanks for this post! I know of some businesses who used multiple fax machines, once they moved to a fax server they were able to fax from their email. It’s such a huge time (and cost) saver.

  2. Sere,

    Thanks for the reply. Yes it is always nice to see someone moving to newer technology, saving money, saving energy, creating less waste!


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