Non-Profit Organizations Don’t Have to Suffer with Outdated IT Technology and Slow Computer Service in Greenville / Upstate SC!

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NPOs do not have to use old computer technology!

Last night, Pamela and I attended the Miracle Hill fund-raising banquet and had a great time. The food was good, the program was good, and the key note speaker was very moving with his story. While we would have loved to have given much more to assist such a wonderful cause, we unfortunately couldn’t, at least not at this time. But what it did do was to get me thinking about the services that we offer to non-profit organizations here in Greenville and the Upstate.

We LOVE working with NPOs! We work with churches, community centers, learning centers, free medical clinics, YMCAs, and previously with Habitat for Humanity, Compass of Carolina and the Humane Society, etc. In every instance, it was a pleasure to walk into the facility filled with people who are trying to do something good for their community, and be greeted warmly, receive a tour, hear about what they provided for our community, and assess their needs… That is where the smiles have generally faded.

We have heard and seen it all! Ten year old computers and servers, 10M hubs, slow internet, huge power hungry CRT monitors that were badly burned in, outdated anti-virus, no backup system in place, no firewall, unlicensed or outdated software and operating systems, ball mice that stuttered when they rolled, and generally slow, antiquated and for the most part, unusable network infrastructure.

In many cases, these people who were so eager to give a hand to their community were unable to do so due to the many issues they faced with their computer network. Nothing will discourage a motivated worker quicker than to be typing a document out and have the computer crash in the middle of it. Or to walk in the door on a Monday and have no connectivity or machines not coming online.

At this point, we evaluate their needs and weigh them against their wants (two very different things). We then give them an honest picture of where they are, where they need to be and what it will take to bring their network up to date. Sometimes it can be simple maintenance and a few fixes and minor updates that change the way they work. Other times, we may need to replace / renew or add a server, workstations or other hardware, and that will lead to an upgrade of operating systems and applications.

We are blessed in that we can help these organizations obtain steeply discounted products, primarily Microsoft, Trend Micro, Cisco, Symantec, Intuit and even Adobe! How  much of a discount? A recent example would be the purchase of Microsoft Small Business Server 2008, Microsoft Windows 7 Professional update, Microsoft Office 2007 Professional updates and CALs (licenses for users), which came to about 350 dollars total cost, and had a retail value of almost 5000 dollars! Through these wonderful programs that allow us to help our non-profits save money on software, it often times allows them to purchase better hardware and to offset the cost of that and the labor, so they know the work is done right and is backed 100% by our warranty and the manufacturer’s warranties.

How much can we save your church or other non-profit organization? Call us and arrange for a free, absolutely no obligation consultation!

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