Saving money on computer repair in Greenville and Upstate SC

Save Money on Greenville computer repair

Save money on Greenville computer repair

Whether you are an individual or a business looking for computer repair or computer service in Greenville or the Upstate (Easley, Pickens, Spartanburg, Anderson, Simpsonville, etc), chances are good that you are not only wanting computer repair but you want that computer service performed as QUICKLY and as inexpensively as possible.

If you already have an IT service provider, you might wish to ask them up front if there is a cheaper way than to have them dispatch a tech to your location. Many IT houses will give you a discount if you take the computer to them. If that is convenient for you, then you can generally save 10%, depending on the company.

Sometimes, saving money in that way can be more expensive in the long run, as you have to take time out of your busy schedule to drop off and pick up the computer. In the case of an attorney billing 200 an hour, that is probably not the most cost effective way to handle the situation.

What about REMOTE SERVICE? Where the tech can look at the computer from remote. This is usually billed at a half hour minimum. The computer has to be functional and connected to the internet for this to work, but this type of service provides INSTANT gratification and a reduced rate! Same with phone service, where the IT provider acts as your help desk to talk you through checking everything. Again, this is billed at a reduced rate or a half hour minimum in most cases.

Think about this for a moment: If you have a computer down at your site, and a technician is dispatched from the IT company, they will usually charge you a one hour minimum, and sometimes the labor may take half an hour. Why not have the tech look at something else while he or she is on location? Instead of just addressing the immediate need of the computer that is broken, you can say “After you get that computer fixed, if you have time left in the hour, could you check a few of our desktops to ensure they have the latest Microsoft Patches on them?”.

A computer that is down is never a pleasant situation. Just like your car, you are suffering from the inconvenience of being without it, then the double whammy of getting slapped with a bill for the service. Knowing the hints above may save you a little frustration and some money.

Homeland Secure IT provides complete computer service & repair, at your location, in our shop, via remote access and we offer excellent help desk support via phone or email. Our response times are above the average in our area, and our rates are very reasonable. Let us help you the next time you need a computer fixed in a hurry. Call us at 864-990-4748.

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