SuperHosts.Net offers web hosting and development in Greenville & Upstate SC

SuperHosts.Net offers super web hosting and design in Greenville and Upstate SC

SuperHosts.Net offers super web hosting and design in Greenville and Upstate SC

I keep getting asked if I know anyone who does web hosting and design in Greenville / Upstate SC and I am surprised that more people do not know that Homeland Secure IT does that in-house, they just think of us for computer repair, computer service, computer sales and computer consultation, etc.  We’re not just about computers, servers and networks….

SuperHosts.Net is our web hosting & design business. It was started a number of years ago, and when we formed Homeland Secure IT, LLC, we incorporated SuperHosts into the new entity. It’s still the same hosting & design business, just under a different umbrella if you will.

SuperHosts is not the perfect solution for every website. If you are looking for cookie cutter, dirt-cheap hosting, you are going to find it every direction you turn. Just Google for “Cheap Web Hosting” and you will get a few million hits. Our focus is on the businesses, organizations and individuals with a special need, a site that represents them or their brand, a site that they may wish to maintain themselves or maybe they want someone else to handle entirely. We specialize in the odd-ball services such the client who needs a custom interface written to handle input, or distribute data in some specialized way. We have programmers who can provide real-time data manipulation, live databases and cross-site linking. Need a blog? Live Chat? Forums? That’s our bag, baby!

What you will find is a web host and design team that is very in touch with what you want and need. From custom graphics, logos and branding to menus for your restaurant that match the website layout/theme. We also do SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and can skyrocket your site to the top of Google, Bing, Yahoo and the rest of the search engines.

Thinking about delving into social media? We can help build a presence for you, and teach you how to effectively monitor and use the various social networking sites and tools such as Twitter, Facebook, Linked-In, Plaxo, Spoke, FourSquare and yes, even MySpace. Don’t have time to work with social media? We can refer you to a “Ghost Writer” who can assume your identity, learn your brand and become active in social media FOR YOU!

Of course, we can and do offer the stock template type sites, starter sites, “business card” sites, and domains just like everyone else.

We also know our limitations, and that is when we call in a range of experts who can assist. If we cannot handle the job, we will turn you over to one of the great minds in Greenville who can help. We work with and know of many awesome and inspirational places.

Want a free consultation? Email or call 990-4748 for more info!

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