Time and Attendance Systems are Still Evolving

Acroprint Time Clock

KERRR-CHUNK!!!! Old style analog time clocks are starting to fade away... Slowly...

If you run a business that has more than a handful of employees, chances are you are using at Time & Attendance System already, and the chances are good that it is an analog time clock, the kind you stick a card into (after lining it up for the correct day and whether you are clocking in or clocking out) and it goes “KER-CHUNK!” and stamps the current time/date onto the card. If it is a really old one, then the person using it may have to not only align it properly, but pull a lever in order for it to stamp correctly.

Newer mechanical clocks will automatically feed the card into the machine and align it, then stamp it, and if you are lucky, it does it correctly, on the proper line, without over-writing  the previous clock-in and hopefully with the correct time and date (If it compensated for daylight savings time without you manually changing it).

The problem with this type of technology is that it leaves a lot of room for error. First, you have to actually get your employees to punch in and out, correctly, and the machine itself has to function properly and be maintained, then there is the task of the person handling payroll actually reading the time cards and entering the data into their payroll system.

Now there are many options that can simplify your life. Let’s look at a few of those:

Web & telephone based clock in/out. These types of systems can be setup so that when an employee sits down at their terminal, they can clock in, by visiting a website or calling a phone number and entering a code. This is can be a good solution for those who have many locations, or even telecommuters. Though many offices now use this technology to eliminate the need for employees to go to a central location. It also can be used to keep track of time spent on certain jobs. The data is imported directly into your accounting software. No room for error here!

Mechanical time clocks with atomic clock: Who says the mechanical clock is totally out? They still are used in manufacturing plants with great success, but newer models will set the time and date automatically to keep the clock as accurate as possible. No more Daylight Savings Time mistakes with these.

Proximity card / badge clocks: These are becoming the new standard in time & attendance systems for many reasons. First of all it is a fully digital solution, the data is imported directly to your accounting software, there are no errors from employees mis-aligning the card, and it is a completely touch-free solution, making it perfect for any application where the spread of germs/virus is of concern. These are affordable and easy to use. Just wave your card near the unit and you are clocked in or out. If a card is lost, the user can enter their code.

Acroprint Biometric Finger Scan Terminal

Is "Buddy Punching" a concern? Not with this unit!

Biometric Terminals: The biometric or finger reader time clocks are perfect for making sure the person clocking in or out is actually the person that SHOULD be clocking in and out. In some applications, where a time clock is located in a secluded area, you will find that “buddy punching” is taking place. That is where an employee is running a few minutes late, or wants to leave a few minutes early and they call a fellow employee and ask them if they could take their card and punch them in/out. In addition to eliminating the buddy punch, this type of system also has the advantage of being completely digital, with direct input into your accounting & payroll software such as Intuit Quickbooks.

For those requiring additional security, entire hand readers are available.

Whether you are looking to replace your old mechanical time clock, or looking to implement time and attendance tracking for the first time, we can help you determine the perfect solution for your application. We are an Acroprint dealer and believe their products to be affordable, reliable and feature packed! Call us today and we will discuss your needs.

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  2. Keith,

    Thank you for your reply. It sounds like you have an interesting product that would work perfect for project management. I approved your comment because it may help one of our readers who wish to use that technology. I may get in touch with your company to check out the product myself.


  3. John, I hope you find my comment useful, otherwise feel free to disapprove it 🙂

    The article discusses a variety of solutions for “a business that has more than a handful of employees”. Some businesses, especially start-ups, have only one or two employees.

    For those who are looking for something really simple, I would like to suggest our site http://timecardcalculatorgeek.com. It calculates the hours, lunch breaks and overtime. Additional features are Military time, decimal time, and rounding to the closest 15 minutes.


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